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5 Tips for Growing Returns from your Marketing Budget in 2018

Or How to Resist the Hype and Do the Stuff That Works by Alexander Ashworth, Creative Director of Manifest Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean your business should travel in the same direction as everyone else. In marketing it always pays to keep an open mind. On the safe assumption that you want to […]

New Brochure for Triple Point’s Estate Planning Service

Following a brand refresh, Manifest has recently designed an engaging, innovative and distinctive new information memorandum and supporting documentation for Triple Point’s Estate Planning Service.    
London web designers


Manifest designed an online investment platform that is straightforward for everyday investors to use
information architecture

Meeting User Needs Grows Commission Enquiries

We identified a number of ways to improve the structure, navigation, content, design and overall usability of Illustration’s website to better meet the needs of users.
enhancing website usability

Creating a Better Online User Experience Brings Results

We improved the structure, navigation, design and overall usability of Better’s website to make the array of services and products more readily accessible for differing user needs.

Inspiration in a Notebook : Scrapbook 7 Launches

Our latest edition of Scrapbook for artists’ agency Illustration is on its way to a selection of leading creatives in the UK and USA. Scrapbook is a daily notebook/sketchbook with editorial content and colourful pages to inspire the use of illustration in advertising, publishing and design.

Venture Capital Trust

We created a distinctive product identity and designed a brochure and other launch collateral for Triple Point’s new VCT.
Book Design

Inspiration in a Book

Manifest designs a quarterly note and sketch book designed to inspire leading creatives to use illustration.


We designed a brochure that captures the private and familial personality of the private investment house.

Illustrating Excellence

We designed a book to showcase some of the world’s finest illustration talent.

Futurology: More Reliable than Reading Goats’ Entrails?

Does all the scientific rigour of modern futurology really yield more reliable predictions than the intestinal deliberations of the Roman haruspices?

1 Million Trees : A Brand Identity for a Major Environmental Pledge

We have developed a visual identity for a major environmental pledge to plant 1 million trees every five years to help recover lost ecosystems.

Building an Online Brand : A More Authentic Experience

Manifest has created a brand around the idea of ‘A More Authentic Experience’ to capture the warm welcome and local knowledge of B&B owners.

A Better World : A Website for Global Sustainable Architecture

Manifest’s has designed a website for BETTER that supports their activities in architecture, research, energy services and training & certification.

Fun for Generations : Creating a Premium Retail Brand

Manifest has created a brand for Beecrofts centred on the idea of ‘Fun for Generations’ referencing both the brand’s lineage and its core mission.

Stop Press : Manifest Designs an eNewsletter for Tablet

Illustration have asked Manifest to design an eNewsletter which they can use to notify their clients about major illustration and animation news stories.

Epitomising Reality and Aspiration : Evolving a Construction Brand

Manifest has been asked to create a new brand identity that communicates Ward’s strengths and aspirations in an authentic and compelling way.

Refreshing a Leading Investment Brand

Manifest has been asked to refresh the Triple Point brand to epitomise the expanded scope and aspirations of the firm and its activities.

Creating an Exclusive Investment Brand : Iveagh

Manifest has created an exclusive investment brand for Iveagh, a Private Investment House providing investment management and advisory services.

A Tradition of Excellence : Enhancing a Premium Brand

Manifest has been asked by Watson Bros, the best London gunmaker founded in 1885, to undertake a brand review.

Inspiring People : Defining the IAC Brand

Manifest has created a brand for IAC based on the idea of ‘Inspiring People’ which neatly articulates who they are and what they do.

Providing Brand Guidelines for American Express and its Partners

Manifest has been appointed by American Express as brand consultants ona program to build a new look, tone and feel for the entire business.

A Tradition of Innovation : A Premium Brand is Born

Manifest has created a brand idea around ‘The Tradition of Innovation’ balancing the firm’s youth with deep familial roots in the origins in the Port trade.

An Identity for the Best Property Finder in the West

Manifest created the name Qwest; it identifies with the mission of clients looking the perfect house and locates the firm’s area of expertise.

Evolving the Brand Identity of London’s Premium Fine Wine Merchant

Corney & Barrow have asked Manifest to evolve their brand identity to better reflect their positioning as London’s leading fine wine merchants.

Evolving the Brand of One of London’s Oldest Cafés and Clubs

Manifest carefully mapped and defined the key qualities of the Troubadour brand and created a brand manual to ensure a cohesive brand experience.

Creating a Secure Digital Seal for the Government of Bermuda

Using a combination of brand design and technology skills, Manifest has succeeded in developing the secure digital seal for the Government of Bermuda.

Reporting Excellence : A New Range of Reports for Triple Point

Triple Point asked Manifest to design a new range of annual and half-yearly reports for their tax-advantaged investment products.

Creating Insight with a Newsletter for Tablet

Manifest was asked to develop a weekly eNewsletter to provide insights into emerging trends and innovative uses of the medium of illustration.

Private House Stays

We helped crystallise what makes staying in privately owned accommodation more attractive than big hotel chains

Alexander Ashworth

Alex leads the Manifest team having spent over twenty years with global branding and design agencies including Wolff Olins. He has advised leading businesses on brand and strategy issues, including American Express, Citigroup and Visa, and designed brand identities for Churchill’s, IAC and Iveagh. An international speaker and writer on brand, design and marketing issues, […]

Simon Paterson

Simon helps organisations and brands to understand their DNA and create more authentic, distinctive and compelling forms of self-expression. After a decade working in banking and broking in Brazil, London and New York, Simon has spent the past twenty-seven years creating and strengthening global and regional brands such as IAC and Iveagh. Simon has worked […]

Illustrating Excellence

An online showcase for Europe’s No 1 illustration agency with a sophisticated client area and social media integration

The Face of Illustration

Thematically linked images convey the rich variety of styles offered by Illustration’s stable of 200 illustrators.

Edmund Ward

A graduate in Graphic Design and Multimedia, Ed brings creative flair and an unwavering eye for detail to digital, print and web design. With over ten years’ experience in design, he also brings considerable project managerial skills to each assignment. The range of Ed’s design creative talent extends to animation and video projects where likes […]

Reporting Performance

Triple Point asked us to design a range of reports to meet the needs of Independent Financial Advisers and private investors

Ensuring the Future

Brochure design, copywriting and photography for one of the UK’s leading historic buildings conservators.

Corney & Barrow

Bringing a creative approach to the Wine List of one of the world’s most exclusive wine merchant brands.


We created a website for Iveagh, the London based Private Investment House.

Citigroup Goes Further

Showing how Citigroup’s Corporate Card goes further, reaches more, works harder and captures more than its competitors.

The Churchill’s Brand

We created a premium wine brand around the idea of ‘A Tradition of Innovation’ balancing Churchill’s mix of new and old

Transforming Vauxhall

We designed a booklet for Vauxhall One to win the hearts and minds of Vauxhall residents and visitors.

International Art Consultants

We created a brand identity based on the idea of ‘Inspiring People’; it’s who they are and what they do

The Iveagh Brand

We created an exclusive investment brand for Iveagh, a London based Private Investment House

The Illustration Brand

Naming and evolving the brand identity of the world’s leading illustration agency to support global expansion.

New Talent eNewsletter

Keeping creatives and art directors aware of the latest illustration talent via iPad.

The Triple Point Brand

Refreshing the Triple Point brand to epitomise the expanded scope and capabilities of the firm and its activities

Scrapbook Live

Scrapbook Live saw the launch of the latest edition of Scrapbook, the seventh edition in the notebook series we have designed.

Inspiring People

Art helps to realise the full potential of individuals, organisations and places. Our website for IAC shows how.

Best in the West

An online presence that articulates Qwest’s pre-eminence as the leading West Country house finder.

eNewsletter for Tablet

Designing an eNewsletter for a tablet-based audience of leading creatives.

Visa : Large Business

Helping Visa’s Member Banks in CEMEA region to understand and act on the large business market opportunity.

Dan Atrill

Dan has been involved in web and wider software development for over twenty years. More recently his skills base has extended to mobile apps and video. He has worked on the digital communications of some of the UK’s biggest brands including Sainsbury’s, Orange, Barclays, Walkers Crisps and B&Q, and recently developed websites for Better and […]

Jane Van Tonder

Jane keeps everything running smoothly in terms of managing time, budgets, costs and resources. Having started her career in accountancy, Jane has over eighteen years’ experience in financial and general management and helps us to make sense of the numbers through precise financial planning, record keeping, reporting and forecasting. Our clients and partners alike greatly […]

Alex Musson

A graduate in Information Design, Alex is a specialist User Experience and Information Architecture designer and project manager. He has over fifteen years’ experience leading projects for clients such as Sainsbury’s, Nike, Tate, IAC, Iveagh and Visa. As part of our digital media team, Alex provides a thorough, rigorous approach to the development of UX, […]

Rural Rites

Manifest designed a book for the All-Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group.

The Troubadour Brand

Creating a brand platform for the expansion of London’s coolest coffee house to ensure a consistent customer experience


Creating a name, brand identity and communications for the meeting place of the world’s leading creatives

The Qwest Brand

Creating a distinctive name, visual identity and look, tone and feel for the launch of one of the UK’s leading property finders

Document SOS

Creating a brand identity for a UK leading document recovery service provider.

Corney & Barrow

Evolving the brand to reflect the market positioning of one of the world’s leading fine wine merchants

1 Million Trees

We have designed a visual identity for Illustration’s environmental pledge to plant 1 million trees every five years

The Ward Brand

We created a new brand identity to articulate the reality of the company’s achievement, capabilities and aspirations

The Beecroft’s Brand

We centred the brand on the idea of ‘Fun for Generations’ referencing both its lineage and its core beliefs

American Express

We were appointed as brand consultants on a programme to build a new look, tone and feel for the entire business

Government of Bermuda

We developed a secure digital seal so the Government of Bermuda can issue internationally accepted documents electronically

Exceptional Interiors

OPL delivers inspirational working environments for clients such as Rolls-Royce and Oxford University.

A Tradition of Excellence

One of London’s finest bespoke gunmakers wanted a showcase for their outstanding craftsmanship and customer service.

Ward & Co

Designing a tender template for one of the leading conservators of England’s most important built heritage.

Visa Business

Marketing communications tools to help Visa’s Member Banks to the promote the product benefits.

A Powerful Overview

We designed a prospectus with crystal clear data supported by powerful infographics to win over the analysts.


Putting Citigroup’s outstanding Corporate Card offering on the radar of multinational financial directors

American Express

It’s not about the plastic; it’s about making corporate purchasing simpler and cheaper with increased control from captured data.

Unlocking the Secret

We developed an FT campaign that incentivised the audience to look beyond the plastic to data capture and reporting.

Showcasing Top Talent

We created impact by juxtaposing styles and techniques, from brushwork and collage to paper cut and digital artwork.

Inspiring Trust

An ad campaign showcasing Ward & Co’s conservation work of major buildings such as Hampton Court and Blenheim Palace.

Advertising Excellence

We created a campaign highlighting the latest industry awards won by Illustration’s represented artists.

Goddess Hair & Beauty

We were asked to design an eCommerce website for the company’s high quality virgin hair products.

Stop Press eNewsletter

We created a punchy illustration eNewsletter for tablet which plays ironically on traditional printing imagery


Creating an online presence for one of the UK’s leading historic buildings conservators.

eCommerce Website

Designing an eCommerce website for one of the world’s most established toy retailers.

Sharing Insight

Our design for this eNewsletter is image led and reminiscent of an art magazine to maximise audience engagement.
London website designers

Triple Point

A CMS-driven website with sophisticated financial reporting functions for the UK leading investment fund provider

A Digital Toolkit

A complete marketing communications toolkit on DVD to help Visa’s Member Banks promote Visa Business.

A Sense of Place

A website that helps private land owners to grasp the unrealised development potential of their large gardens and plots.

Visa : Small Business

Helping Visa’s Member Banks in CEMEA region to understand and act on the small business market opportunity.

Visa Business

We designed and populated an intranet-delivered distance learning and sales support resource.

An Authentic Experience

We designed an eBooking website for Scotland’s leading independent accommodation portal.

Transforming Vauxhall

Communicating the community benefits of the local business funded Business Improvement District.