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News & Views

New Brochure for Triple Point’s Estate Planning Service

November 8, 2016

Following a brand refresh, Manifest has recently designed an engaging, innovative and distinctive new information memorandum and supporting documentation for Triple Point’s Estate Planning Service.     Read more >

Inspiration in a Notebook : Scrapbook 7 Launches

September 18, 2013

Our latest edition of Scrapbook for artists’ agency Illustration is on its way to a selection of leading creatives in the UK and USA. Scrapbook is a daily notebook/sketchbook with editorial content and colourful pages to inspire the use of illustration in advertising, publishing and design. Read more >

Reporting Excellence : A New Range of Reports for Triple Point

June 20, 2013

Triple Point asked Manifest to design a new range of annual and half-yearly reports for their tax-advantaged investment products. Read more >